The Halo Advantage

Halo Compressor Solutions provides a diversified offering of services that are unique to the Gas Compression Industry. Our services provide cost savings as well as expedited completion of major projects.

  • Lubrication Sales Service & Training
  • Engine/Compressor Maintenance & Repair
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Distribution of Engine & Compressor Products

The Advantage this Umbrella of Services Provides

Turn Key Projects
Measurable Cost Savings
Elimination of Multiple Vendors
Controlled Timelines on Major Projects

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us (link)

“Halo jumps through hoops for me. I can call them for anything and any hour, and they will help me.”
“Two things differentiate Halo: (i) honesty and (ii) calling me back at any hour to help me get what I need.”
“When I’m burning oil, I need it now. To go get it myself or send one of my guys could take over six hours roundtrip. To have them deliver means everything to me and is why I continue to send them my business.”
“I’m willing to pay a higher price to get a part here sooner, so location is important to me.”
“Lot of up and coming businesses out here. Everyone trying to make a dollar up in the Permian. Calvin is more concerned about satisfying his customers than just making a dollar. He has fair prices.”